League Racing

DKC League Racing

DKC league racing gives you an opportunity to race head to head with some of the best drivers around. We use our professionally prepared, 60mph adult karts to give every racer the best chance to win! Racers are divided into two classes; the first consists of drivers weighing up to 190lbs and the second class includes drivers weighing 191lbs and over. 

Each race consists of a driver’s meeting, one practice/qualifying session and two races. The qualifying session is when you lay down your fastest lap to determine your starting position in the pre-final race*. The races vary in length depending on the track configuration we choose for each particular race. The races are a true head to head competition, the first one to the finish wins! 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each class will receive awards after each race. We also have a championship points system for series end awards.

Time until the Next League Race


Thanks for a great 2019 season!

2020 Season will be added to the calendar soon. 

Current Top 10

Lights Driver Points
1. James Newton
310 points
2. Jhett Rouse
274 points
3. Jon Alexander
270 points
4. Nick Williams
257 points
5. David Baumgartner
244 points
6. Joe Maher
240 points
7. Clint Madwell
219 points
8. Patrick Connery
214 points
9. Chance Kelly
186 points
10. Doug Hubbs
181 points
Heavies Driver Points
1. Russell White
433 points
2. Chance Kelly
379 points
3. Vincent Clement
339 points
4. Oscar Moreno
319 points
5. Chris Hampton
301 points
6. Scott Hordin
273 points
7. Justin Atchison
271 points
8. Brandon Webster
187 points
9. Justin White
186 points
10. Skip Wilson
150 points