Sodi Sigma KZ

IDEAL FOR: Shifter Kart Classes

Sodikart Sigma KZ Shifter Kart From Dallas Karting Complex

Currently booming everywhere in the World, the shifter kart ranks now have to contend with the new Sodi Sigma KZ TTT (Sodikart's Tekneex Tube Technology). The Sigma KZ is a high-performance shifter kart race chassis, benefiting from all the knowledge and race experience of the Sodikart factory at the top of podiums around the world.

The Sodikart Sigma KZ 2012 meets the requirements of even the most demanding drivers by providing the best possible platform for the particular demands of 125cc shifter engines. Equipped with a braking system that is both powerful and sensitive, the Sodi Sigma KZ allows drivers to make the most of the chassis' exceptional performance.

Winner of the 2011 SKUSA SuperNationals with Anthony Abbasse, the Sigma KZ will be used in 2012 by the Official Sodi Racing Team and by the best drivers all over the World.

Sodikart - US Distributor - US Importer - Dallas Karting Complex

Sodi Sigma KZ Specifications:

Sodi Tekneex Chassis Technology - Dallas Karting Complex
  • Wheelbase: 1040mm
  • Frame: Double tube removable - Removable front stabilizer, adjustable front chassis geometry using eccentrics - CIK approved
  • Tube: Chrome molybdenum steel - 32mm
  • Rear Axle: Hollow steel - 50mm - 3 bearings, 80
  • Axle Bearing Supports: Anodized - quick release
  • Front Stub Axles: 25mm
  • Rear Hubs: Long with twin pinch bolts - Anodized - Fully machined - 90mm
  • Brakes: 4 Piston hydraulic brake system - CIK approved under number 37/FR/14
  • Rear Brake Disk: Floating, turbo ventilated - 205mm diameter - 18mm Thickness with increased ventilation
  • Front Brake Disks: Floating (two), turbo ventilated - 140mm diameter with increased ventilation
  • Front Wheels: Magnesium - 130mm
  • Rear Wheels: Magnesium - 212mm
  • Fuel Tank: Removable - 8.5 Liter
  • Seat: Clear polyester
  • Steering Wheel: Aluminum with suede-type covering - Sodi logo embroidered
  • Safety Features: Protective base plate for brake disk, brake pedals with 2 point attachments, integral chain cover, anti-locking bar
  • Frame Color: Dark grey + clear coat
  • Bodywork: KG mfg - Sodi CIK approved
  • Rear bumper: Steel or KG plastic

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