Dallas Karting Complex is the USA Importer for Sodikart race kart chassis

Sodi Delta Mini 950

Sodikart Delta Mini 950 Cadet Race Kart From Dallas Karting Complex

IDEAL FOR: Cadet & "Mini" Classes

One of the latest products in the Sodi racing range, this Kart has a wheelbase 50 mm longer than the Delta 900. It has been especially designed to optimize performance with hard compound tires...

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Sodi Celesta

Sodikart Celesta TaG and Rotax Race Kart From Dallas Karting Complex

IDEAL FOR: TaG & Rotax Classes

With the brand new 2012 Sodi Celesta, Sodikart has designed the general-purpose chassis par excellence without sacrificing performance. Ideal, both for very experienced drivers and for all amateur drivers...

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Sodi Sigma KZ

Sodikart Sigma KZ Shifter Kart From Dallas Karting Complex

IDEAL FOR: Shifter Kart Classes

The shifter kart ranks now have to contend with the new Sodi Sigma KZ TTT (Sodikart's Tekneex Tube Technology). The Sigma KZ is a high-performance shifter kart chassis, benefiting from all the winning race experience of the Sodikart factory...

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Sodi Sigma DD2

Sodikart DD2 Rotax Race Kart From Dallas Karting Complex

IDEAL FOR: Rotax DD2 Classes

The Sigma DD2 offers breathtaking performance with a perfect blend of technology and driving comfort to satisfy the most demanding of amateur and expert drivers...

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Sodi Futura

Sodikart Futura Race Kart From Dallas Karting Complex

IDEAL FOR: Racers Who Live On The Edge!

The Futura is a truly exceptional machine for both enthusiasts and professional racers seeking “state-of-the-art” engineering. The Sodi Futura offers a revolutionary technology which allows to adjust the caster angle and the camber angle simply and independently...

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